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I don't post that often anymore (Facebook has taken over, mostly). Still, an update is in order. Early in January, I got really sick and spent the past two months in hospital. Started with H1P1 flu, double pneumonia, followed by two serious strokes. Mostly recovered now, but still working on some of the stroke rehab and regaining the loss of muscle tone/control that goes with two months in a hospital bed. While in hospital, they monitored me heavily, and reported my heart stopping multiple times - I flatlined for significant periods, at least three that I know about, so they installed a pacemaker. Fortunately, I lost very little function, and am regaining most of what I lost.


Wow. I'm glad you're doing better, but how are you feeling?

laggy but here

Overall, my health has really bounced back remarkably. I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy on doctor visits, and don't have anywhere near the stamina I once did, but for an old man with my history and a pacemaker, I'm doing better than I have a right to.